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A hidden tv lift cabinet beside a pool outdoors on a deck or patio.

Custom Designed Remote Control Hidden TV Lift Cabinets


Our outdoor furniture is designed to withstand any weather conditions.


All our TV Lifts and TV Cabinets are made in the USA. Our TV Lifts are provided by our Exclusive TV Lift Partner: Nexus21 and our furniture is designed and manufactured in our Rochester, MI facility.


All our TV Lifts come with a 10-year warranty.

Questions? Give us a call.

Our Exclusive TV Lift Partners

Hinterland Supply Co. Is a Nexus21 Certified Build Partner of Custom TV Lift Cabinets

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"Our backyard has always been a place for gathering and having friends over. Our TV lift cabinet has completely transformed our space! Now we can watch football or have a movie night by the pool and the kids and our friends love it!"

Bess G. San Diego, CA

Our Design Process

We design and build high-end, custom outdoor hidden TV lifts for commercial and residential backyard spaces.

Our TV lift cabinets can be built into existing outdoor furniture like bar tops, pools, jacuzzi / hot tubs, outdoor kitchens, bbq, grilling countertops. Or the cabinet can be built as a standalone piece.

We also build stunning indoor custom furniture and can collaborate with your interior designers to fit seamlessly into your space.

Working with a custom furniture maker is an ideal solution for homeowners with exceptional tastes that can’t be met by traditional retail stores. With the help of a professional craftsman, you can have furnishings that are unique to your home and tailored to your specific style.

Hinterland Supply Co. specializes in creating high-quality, well crafted pieces that fit any space or style.

We are partnered with MKC Audio/Video for audio/video equipment design & integration and home automation integration for the Michigan & Ohio area.They can provide equipment, answer questions and provide technical feedback on all your audio/video needs. Or if outside of our coverage area we can work with your integrator to provide a seamless solution.

Let’s Start Designing Your New TV Cabinet!

We are going to collect some information about your design and then get in contact with you to discuss next steps.

Bespoke Custom Furniture Designed For Human Places

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