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Outdoor Hidden TV Lift Cabinets

Outdoor Hidden TV Lift Cabinets

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Weatherproof Outdoor TV Lift Cabinets

Our outdoor hidden TV lift cabinets are designed for 365 year-round outdoor use. From the furniture grade materials, to the cabinet joinery, you are benefitting from decades of experience designing outdoor furniture.


We also offer indoor rated hidden TV lift cabinets as well!

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Ipe (Brazilian Walnut) Cabinets

Ipe is weatherproof, fire resistant, mold resistant, mildew resistant and insect resistant. It’s beautiful, sustainable and durable.

White Shiplap Cabinets

Stylish and durable white shiplap provides a modern clean look or a farmhouse rustic design with the addition of the nickel gap. PVC Shiplap won’t absorb water making it a premiere long-lasting moulding material that requires little maintenance.

Shou Sugi Ban (Charred Cedar) Cabinets

Yakisugi (焼杉) or “Shou Sugi Ban” can be literally translated as “burned cedar”. It has been used as a traditional method to protect timber exterior cladding. It has protected homes in Japan for hundreds of years.

Plantation Teak Cabinets

Plantation Teak is one of the most durable wood species for outdoor furniture & yacht building. It’s natural oils and silica content make it incredibly weather resistant and it has been rated to last 70-100 years in outdoor settings. Plantation Teak is highly sustainable and is not sourced from protected lands.

Metal Cabinets

Galvanized Steel and Aluminum are clean, industrial and modern materials. Superb fit and finish make these eco-friendly options the perfect look for a stylish home.

TV Cabinet Accessories

These accessories and upgrades allow you to customize your TV Cabinet without using our custom design service.

Bespoke Custom Furniture Designed For Human Places

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