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A Pair of Cherry Floating Media Consoles


These floating media consoles / TV stands was custom built for our client in Bay City, MI by our team at Hinterland Supply Co.

This project was one that included a collaboration with our favorite audio/video integrator MKC Audio/Video. We’ve had such a productive collaboration with them to build custom entertainment centers for their clients. One of the most common issues when doing a really impressive audio/video build out is that there is a lot of equipment involved from home automation systems, surround sound, power management and peripherals and one of the most common issues is that off the shelf cabinets will have 1 or more of the following issues:


Don’t invest thousands in equipment just to have it overheat and be ruined. We work with equipment integrators and manufacturers to provide adequate ventilation.


Sometimes the perfect piece of furniture exists. It matches your style and everything is perfect. But more often than not something is the wrong size and equipment doesn’t fit.


This feels almost worse. You want to use all the space of your cabinet for storage and more often than not, the space you’re storing equipment is way too big. West Elm doesn’t know how big your equipment is, we do.

So how do we solve that.

For Randy M. that meant two cabinets for his home. He wanted something that pulled the style of the home which was rustic and modern and worked well for their equipment.

We built two cabinets for Randy.


Main Cabinet

67 1/2″ x 16″ x 19″

Little Brother

45 1/2″ x 16″ x 12″


The build started for us the same way it always does, with a 3D render of the project. This helps us estimate costs, but more importantly it helps our customers visualize the piece and open it up to explore it.

The client knew that their entire home was finished in cherry – cherry kitchen cabinets, cherry wood floors, cherry trim. So it felt very natural for them to have cherry cabinets.

We started the construction process by visiting our favorite lumber mill to pick and mill the lumber.

After that it was back to the shop to start construction. I knew I wanted this piece to have lots of subtle details like waterfall grain patterns on the sides and a grain pattern flow across the entire front of the cabinet doors.

I was so pleased that Randy agreed with me, that grain, figure and knots are key features of a wood species and should be celebrated. In Randy’s exact words:

“Knots are the signature of the wood. It’s how I know this is mine and no one else has this piece of furniture.”

So we took special care to highlight these features of the wood and make them sing.

After seeing the final installation I am so happy with this project and how it turned out. These media consoles can be purchased from my online shop or on our Etsy.

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